Suggestions For How to Use Your Tools of Rituals

Activating Your Intentions

Each Energy Apothecary Crystal Grid is for your personal expression of intention. Crystals and sacred geometry grids are combined for a specific theme, but use them as you feel each element. They have been cleansed and are ready for your co-creation. Here is a suggestion for use.


1) Create a clear space for your grid and presence. Take deep breaths and relax your mind. If you'd like to cleanse your grid further, use chimes, smoke, or selenite, or simply state, "I cleanse these tools and charge them with love for the Highest Good."


2) State your intention by writing it down and placing it under your grid. Sample affirmations are in the themes below.


3) Start from the center and work outwards, affirming the energy of each crystal.


4) Repeat your intention three times once you have placed all the crystals. Trace your finger to connect all the crystals so there is a connection.


5) Close your ritual with gratitude for your crystal friends knowing your intention is set and on its way.


Included are items for your sacred altar:

Earth - bottle of lavender

Water - shell

Fire - tealight

Air - feather


All items are responsibly sourced and may differ from these images as each is unique and available.



"Every cell in my body is happy and well."

Sacred Geometry: Flower of Life - balance, harmony, renewal


Center or Generator: Rainbow Moonstone - emotional balance, confidence, new beginnings (white with black specks)

Way Stone or 1st: Clear Quartz - high vibrational healing, amplifies energy, purity (clear)

Desire or Outer Stone: Lapis Lazuli - communication, self-knowledge, clarity (blue)

Desire or Outer Stone: Garnet - love, vigor, positivity, life force, metabolism (red)


"I am open to giving and receiving unconditional Love."

Sacred Geometry: Seed of Life - Oneness passed through generations


Center or Generator: Rhodochrosite - Divine Love, self-compassion, forgiveness, healing (pink)

Way Stone or 1st: Rose Quartz - Love, trust, harmony, balance, tenderness (translucent pink)

Desire or Outer Stone: Garnet - passion, inner fire, motivation, vitality (red)

Desire or Outer Stone: Green Aventurine - emotional calm, empathy, decisiveness, luck (green)

Desire or Outer Stone: Clear Quartz - clarity, high vibrational healing (clear)


"I am secure in my connection with Source."

Sacred Geometry: Metatron - flowing harmony, balance, and creation


Center or Generator: Black Tourmaline - protection, grounding, cleansing, purification (smoky black)

Way Stone or 1st: Prehnite - peace, faith, unconditional love, release blockages (light green)

Desire or Out Stone: Mystic Quartz - healing, trust, emotional strength, dispels negativity (iridescent clear)

Desire or Outer Stone: Carnelian - courage, success, leadership, energy, creativity (orange)



"I am in purpose and funded by Source."

Sacred Geometry: Sri Yantra - Flow of energy and manifestation


Center or Generator: Citrine - wealth, creativity, self-expression, optimism, prosperity (yellow)

Way Stone or 1st: Clear Quartz - clarity, high vibrational energy, purification (clear)

Desire or Outer Stone: Aventurine - purpose, opportunity, abundance, fortune (aqua)

Desire or Outer Stone: Red Tiger Eye - willpower, passion, courage, strength (reddish brown)

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