Aligning Brands with Fans

"Branding is the art of differentiation. Brands exist because people exist." -David Brier

Your Brand is Your Promise

Knowing who you are and expressing that through your presence or your business is self-realization and evolution through the hero/ine's journey. We exist to give you perspective from a zoomed-out view as witness consciousness through ancient and modern systems. For partnerships and businesses, we help you get the attention of those who hold your same values and need what you have to offer. But first, you must be seen vulnerably and courageously as your authentic self.


Holistic Business Strategy


This 90-minute session identifies your four natal astrological angles: the Ascendant, the Imum Coeli, the Descendant, and the Midheaven to map out your entrepreneurial journey. Learn how to brand your company in alignment with the role you are meant to fulfill. Become more magnetic to the customers who need what you uniquely offer. Includes tarot exercises to access your creative intuition and archetype strategies for the best outcomes.


A 10-hour immersion in CoreWiseTM, our signature process for understanding and articulating your brand. Using metaphysical tools and proprietary brand strategies to define your mission, vision, values, customers, and actions. Receive a clear business identity to submit to your graphic designer and a workflow template with milestones to structure your congruent, creative business.

There's tremendous gratitude I've been feeling for how much food for thought you gave me just from our one strategy meeting. I don't have it all figured out yet, but the simple act of reorganizing my business so that I'm offering what I enjoy, raising my prices, and sticking to that has been huge. I have confidence, I've been getting paid, and the biggest shocker...I'm enjoying my work!! 

-Mayra, Dripping Springs, TX

Personal Discovery & Growth


Using your natal chart to determine your four angles and Venus archetype to understand your patterns and behaviors, strengths, and areas for improved alignment. This 90-minute session includes a detailed look at self-identity and aspects that define career, relationships, health, areas of special interest, and more. 


Requires: Exact date, time, and place of birth for accurate assessment.





Using a combination of astrology, Tarot, Human Design, herbalism, rituals, and somatic therapies to architect a life designed for fulfillment. This 5-hour session gives insights on innate talents and propensities based on ancestral references, planetary placements, and transits. Build a year-long committed plan towards an extraordinary goal.


Requires: Exact date, time, and place of birth for accurate assessment.




Explore a personal or business topic based on your astrology natal chart, transits, progressions, and more. Topics can include relocation, timing, simple synastry (relationships), career or school, and project launches. 60-minutes.


Requires: Exact date, time, and place of birth for accurate assessment.



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