Seeing Life As We Are

"When we create peace, and harmony, and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.” -Louise Hay

"Monica provides an incredibly safe container for personal exploration. Her gentle, yet secure, soft spirit invites open and honest reflection. Yet, she is strong and confident, providing an assurance to walk safely into the unknown and grow in your awareness. Monica is clearly well versed in her practice and joins with you in immense knowledge and awareness."

- Brett H., Grand Rapids, MI

"Monica is an absolute delight! She's a warm and wise communicator, and knowledgeable guide. The reading experience was beautiful, with gorgeous imagery, and re-affirmed the hard work I have been doing. Thanks to talking through the symbolism with Monica in our session, I feel more confidence and clarity about my decisions and current artistic direction."

- Teresa Bolen, portrait artist, Japan

"Monica's ability to cut through the noise, and get to the root of YOU and your aura, your soul, your heart, is incomparable. Her innate healing abilities and incredible zeal for life are impossible not to be deeply, and forever impacted by and to be in her orbit is a blessing. In a class all her own, I recommend and trust her completely."

- Tamara, Portland, OR

"I have worked with Monica in a range of settings. She is a healer. Her depth of personal work and training comes through in her interactions. Around her, people get grounded and connected to their authentic selves. People are restored to who they really are when they work with Monica."

- Shaun, Brooklyn, NY

Whatever it is you seek, Monica’s approach to assist and guide you through encouragement, motivation, and soul searching is always eye opening and healing. Her kind energy and positive vibes get you to ask the hard questions you might not even know to ask yourself to get you to the right journey and path you have been longing for. Whether it be a reading, baking, business advice, or learning to SUP, a day with Monica Paredes will soak your soul with optimism and serenity. I am at peace today because of her guidance and love."

- Michelle, Austin, TX

"When I reached out to Monica for a reading, I wasn't prepared for how deeply she would be able to read into my very soul. I met with Monica to gain clarity, and she gave me not just that but much more -- guidance, comfort, and actionable next steps. If you're even thinking about meeting with Monica, give it a chance. It may be one of the best decisions you've ever made - it was for me."

- Ramya, Austin, TX

"Monica has helped me discover my true identity. She has provided continuous support in all areas of my life. I trust her abilities and value her visions and friendship. I highly recommend Monica to anyone who wants to understand themselves and move forward in life, both personally and professionally."

 - Shawn, Sayulita, Mexico

"I met Monica at around the same time I was developing a mobile app. With a new business concept, I needed to do a little bit of re-branding and really nail down my identity as a company. Although I’ve done some branding work in the past, Monica’s approach was unique, engaging and very eye opening. She really made me think deeply about my business in terms of the identity, voice and value proposition. Every time following our sessions, I’d figure out something new about my brand identity, the message we are trying to send out to people and even our core values...even though I thought I had it figured out previously. The multiple sessions with Monica we’re insightful and a great learning experience. If you are looking for branding work, I highly recommend Monica. Other than her expertise, she’s friendly, approachable and has great energy!"

 - Faisal, Saudi Arabia

"Monica is a multi-talented leader in business and life. Grateful for her curated gatherings that cultivate community and connection with self, source and others through a variety of mystical means and practical tools."

- Anna Katrina, Austin, TX

"Monica has helped me with numerous projects and brand building for over a decade. She is continually evolving to meet both the demands of the marketplace and the hearts of people. She’s got a unique approach to branding that is expertly tooled. She combines high-level practical business expertise with deep, human-centric wisdom that allows her to empower brands and individuals to align with their ideal clients, create strategic systems for success, scale authentically, and break through the noise of marketing mumbo-jumbo to build trust and lasting relationships in the marketplace. She’s the real deal. "

- Wendy, Austin, TX

Reflecting on my Yoga inSabina, Italy experience is to relive the integrative beauty of that restorative retreat. Every detail, from the deliciously prepared fresh foods to the bright red poppies growing along the Italian countryside that led to our hillside yoga practice, quiet time to journal, beautifully set tables, to our time to share the joy and flavor of each day, was perfect. Every day, we made real a line in a poetic verse you gave us: that journey did carry us far and went an equal distance into our world within...Thank you, Monica! 

- Marta, San Antonio, TX

I was lucky enough to have made my first trip to Italy with Monica Paredes for a yoga retreat in Torre inSabina in the Umbria region north of Rome. Everything was well prepared and thoughtfully done. We had a wonderful guide who picked us up from the train station and gave us tours for day trips to Rome, Orvieto, Assisi and more. Monica is delightful, caring, and knowledgeable regarding everything she plans. If you have the opportunity don't miss the chance to join Monica as she orchestrates another great adventure.

- Terry, San Antonio, TX

"What a blessing to have received such personalized guidance and cosmic wisdom from Monica. I was completely blown away by the level of detail she provided about my past, my purpose, and my potential through the natal chart reading and Human Design assessment. Monica’s sage counsel regarding ways I can work with my unique set of circumstances to elevate myself, as well as those around me, is exactly the kind of spiritual mentorship I’ve been seeking."   

- Susie, Cleveland, OH

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