Confidence For Intuitive Creators

“Analytical tools have their limitations in a turbulent world. These tools work best when parameters are known, assumptions are minimal, and the future is not fuzzy.” -John P. Kotter, PhD.

Astrology for Self-Discovery

Second-Level Thinking for Better Decision Making


Your authentic personal brand builds the right relationships. Understand yourself through your astrology, Human Design, Tarot, and more to get the whole view of your life. Define your values, beliefs, mission, strategies, and actions that lead to better decision-making and effective outcomes. Explore personal or business visions and desires in depth.


Requires: Exact date, time, and place of birth for accurate assessment.


Tarot for Clarity

Drawing upon and integrating elements of intuitive physics, psychology, and culture


Using symbology, colors, numerology, intuition, and the movement of the hero's (external) or heroine's (internal) journey. One or more spreads may include a variety of Tarot decks and oracle cards, depending on the nature of the question. Select 15-minute recorded session or a 30- or 60-minute session depending on the complexity of the question you want to explore.

Plan or Attend an Event

Combining the magical with the mundane for extraordinary experiences



Give the experience of curiosity, connection, and wonder at your next gathering. Choose Tarot, cacao or tea ceremony, sound meditation, writing, and creative playshops, or a combination for an unforgettable event. Each interaction imparts feelings of belonging and transformation into a more peaceful state of being.

Tools for Guidance

Inspired by Nature and Rituals of Tradition


From an Energetic Apothecary to Yoga Fundamentals, these tools of integration allow you to embody the magic of ritual.

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